LGM creative is an Advertising and Brand Communications Agency

We help small businesses find their unique voice, value and identity, and create effective ways to communicate your brand message consistently over time and effectively across all media platforms.

Homogenization. It's Not Your Friend.

Being the same as everyone else makes you a parity provider: your customers won’t have a reason to pick YOU – unless you’re the cheapest.  Which continually shrinks your margins. And that’s a long, sad race to the bottom. Which is why you NEED to present your unique value proposition in an equally unique way. We can help.
“LGM has been an essential piece of our business development and trajectory. They bring a clarity of thought and language that most seem to lack, and they never fail to deliver the message I can never seem to express myself.”

– Dr. Brian Nathanson, Founder
New England Physical Care

Core Services



Great copy is more than great words; great copy is great ideas.

Our copywriters create Ideas that engage. They tell your brand story. They are found at the heart of the creative process. They have a different way of looking at everything, from every angle, no matter how crazy. Which is maybe why they can see new solutions — new opportunities that you might not have even considered. And then find just the right way to get the world to truly understand what you have to offer — and why it’s important to them. In short, Great Copy is Good Business.


We Make Ads for People.

Not for Targeted Consumers. For PeopleAds that Move them. Make them Laugh. Or Cry. Or at least pause for a moment to consider. Advertising that makes a connection. And always makes them Think, and Talk…About you.

It’s not always about the product, or service. It’s never broadcasting about you. Whether it’s digital, print, radio, television, direct response or some entirely new platform or approach — it’s always about them. And it Works.

Brand Development

We don’t create Brands, we Unearth them.

Your brand is, at its core, simply the way your current and potential customers think about you; what you — your product or service — means to them. And helping to shape, define and direct that is a pretty big deal, so we take the time to learn your business, and figure out what you’re truly about. What’s important to you, and your customers. We identify what works, and work with you to discard what doesn’t.

From there, we Build, making your Brand recognizable. Tight. Positive. Consistent in message, voice, appearance and tone. And, most of all, Authentic and Real.


Design. With a Purpose.

We are a Message-First Agency.

Message-First means that everything we create works as a vehicle to convey your message and unique brand sense clearly and effectively.  Websites, advertising, radio, television, B-to-B and even collateral are all simply containers for your message.

We are not a bells and whistles company that runs to embrace the latest buzzwords.  Instead, we assess each opportunity individually for our clients, and take a consistent long-term approach, making sure that your business remains recognizable — and relevant — to both current and future clients and customers.

Media Planning

You know those sales calls? Just send them to us!

For Retainer-Based Clients, we take care of all of your media planning – when they call, just refer them to us. Are we gluttons for punishment? No, but as experienced media planners we negotiate the best possible rates and placements, and can truly and objectively determine whether an opportunity is right for you. Plus, keeping a handle on your media allows us to ensure that your brand messaging remains consistent, regardless of placement.

Consulting and Strategy

Perspective and Path

Because we see your business from the ‘outside’, we can often spot opportunities for growth that you might not notice during the day-to-day challenges of running a small business. We’ll bring these opportunities to your attention whenever possible, and also often serve as a discreet sounding board – listening to your ideas, advising honestly and helping you find ways to make them work.

“Forget about all the latest and greatest marketing bells and whistles – nothing matters except message – which defines how your customers think about you, and that’s basically your ‘brand’. It’s as simple, and as complex, as that.  At the end of the day, our job is to help our clients create authentic, long-term connections with existing and potential customers. It’s all about communication – everything else is detail.”

– Larry Mannino, Founder
LGM creative

Meet The Team

Larry Mannino

Larry Mannino

Principal, Senior Writer and Brand Communicatons Strategist

Larry is the owner and founder of LGM creative and, as a writer, spends most of his time wondering why he didn’t take typing back in high school.


Natalie D'Angelo

Natalie D'Angelo

Lead Designer

Natalie has won more design awards than she can count on two hands, and often wonders why she has to deal with the likes of Larry and Chris.


Christopher Meadows

Christopher Meadows

Creative Director and Brand Strategist

Chris has known Larry for over 25 years, and, in spite of this, has worked with LGM creative for over a decade. Why? Good question — and one that continues to haunt him…
“I would like to thank you for all of the hard work and dedication you’ve put into our website to create something that really captures ‘us.’ We could not have asked for more.”

– Scott Edgett, Owner
North Fork Woodworks

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