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I saw The Boxtrolls over the weekend – and was a little disappointed. Technically, it was brilliant – no surprise there, as it was coming out of Laika – but it didn’t connect with the audience. The problem was the story – or at least the way it was handled: no real character development, no backstory – it was kind of cardboard – beautiful cardboard, but disjointed, predictable cardboard.  And that’s a real shame, especially if you think about the missed opportunity when you’ve got such a great toolset to work with from Laika.

Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of multi-frame animated digital ads lately – starting to really dig it, because it lets me tell a little story in a small space.  It’s nothing technically crazy – basically a flipbook approach – but that keeps the production and placement affordable for clients, which keeps me in a position to do better creative – win win.  Anyway, I’m getting more interested in video and animation, especially stop motion, and came across this little piece that really struck me as being a nice little piece of visual storytelling – check it out.