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It’s true – I’m trying out this new theme – came across a story about a 13-year old kid blogging about luxury real estate ( and liked the layout.

What do you think? Did you like the simpler version better?

Lots of new things going on right now in terms of my workflow, so bear with me.  Just got a new iMac (i7, 27″ for you tech types) – trying to get used to the teeny tiny keyboard and magic mouse. Also got the magic trackpad – jury’s still out on both – I’m a slow changer. This post’s headshot is taken by the embedded camera – wider,but I think I like the creative functionality of the iSight better.  Also ponied up for the Abode CS5 creative suite (big jump from CS) – the Photoshop content-aware  fill makes me a much better photo editor (still a hack though – I let the pros do the serious stuff – I recognize that I’m a writer and brand strategist first and really dig collaborating with real-deal designers), and I just started using Evernote (another page out of the Tim Ferriss book) – it’s amazing and, I fear, signals the death of Circus Ponies Notebook.

Other things? Finally putting  a novel (fiction) to bed and handing off the ton of edits (I edit in longhand) to be typed up into manuscript format (I’m a lousy typist).  I’ve taken some ribbing on this as it’s been awhile – thought I had it done 2 years ago, then had a minor epiphany – actually had started in on the next book before I went back.  I find it curious, given the time frame, how my writing has changed since I started the book – better I hope.

That’s the update – I have a bunch of new posts coming up – half-baked on the draft pile as I take care of clients – adding a new category (Futurist) as well – fun fun – let me know on the new look –

Back to Work –